From Savannah to all about business


From Savannah to all about business

Lean into the unexpected turn. In second grade, Brendan Martin ’16 decided he was going to be a lawyer. So, to boost his skills of persuasion, he chose to major in marketing at Savannah State. He discovered a passion for business (and selling) in the College of Business Administration (COBA).

Brendan wasted no opportunity to pursue his new goal of owning a marketing and public relations firm and then becoming a professor. He entered a business plan competition. Presented his research at COBA’s Annual Research Day. Wrote a proposal for the Academy of International Business’s X-Culture symposium. And studied international luxury management in Paris.

“Savannah State has so many great resources, which played huge roles in the opportunities I got.” – Brendan Martin ’16

Brendan even got the chance to intern at QISoft, a software company headquartered in downtown Savannah. Everyday, he worked with a team to bring in new clientele and land big contracts. Meanwhile, on campus, he was the vice president of Delta Sigma Pi—a professional business fraternity—spearheading a program to teach high schoolers all about the art of the pitch. An art that COBA’s Center for the Advancement of Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ACE Center, for short) helps students perfect.

The ACE Center exists to spark and support students’ entrepreneurial spirits. That’s why ACE teaches SSU Tigers how to fine-tune ideas, start (and manage) businesses, craft proposals, find funding, build networks, and grow their current ventures. It backs COBA’s entrepreneurship minor and hosts Entrepreneurship Day, the Student Entrepreneur Showcase, and the Tiger BIG IDEA Pitch Competition. Plus, the Center partners with organizations like Creative Coast, a non-profit that promotes entrepreneurial and creative endeavors in the community.

That kind of experience and exposure is coming in handy for Brendan as he works toward his master's degree in international marketing at the Hult International Business School in Boston. He's on the road to getting his Ph.D.—and fulfilling his dream. Seriously Impressive

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