I Am Savannah SMART

From Savannah to the salt marshes

Dr. Dionne Hoskins-Brown is digging deep, way deep, as she leads research in Savannah State’s backyard. And she's inspiring Savannah’s youngest marine scientists.

From Savannah to STEM 360

Patrick Dean and Cedric Beamon are using robots, racecars, rockets (and lots more) to get Savannah K-12 kids fired up about STEM. In fact, they’re students’ favorite science guys.

From Savannah to the Navy

Don’t stop—top the ranks. That’s what Cierra Swiney ’18 does every day as one of SSU NROTC’s top officers. Her next big adventure? Sailing the seas.

From Savannah to the ports

For Gabrielle Gardner ’18, the best part of being a communications major is never sitting still. No wonder she loved buzzing around the Georgia Ports Authority for her internship.

From Savannah to diving in head first

When it came to getting her master’s degree, Kelli Edwards ’12 needed a place to dive right in. Check out how her marine sciences work has paved the way for today’s Tigers.

From Savannah to the sky’s the limit

Michael Williams ’80 started his own company when he was just 25 years old. How’d he do it? The drive and new ways of thinking that he says could’ve only come from SSU.

From Savannah to the finish line

For Uyen Hill ’16, a fresh start at Savannah State sparked her business savvy. Now, she’s hit her stride in the business world. Learn just how far she went on the way to her B.B.A.

From Savannah to all about business

Brendan Martin ’16 has a brain wired for business. At Savannah State, he wrote plenty of plans, proposals, and papers—all to prepare for his ultimate dream: Starting his own company.

From Savannah to math master

A passion for perfect numbers, plus an encouraging mentor, equals open doors for Ayana Tiller ’17. And she wants the same for others. Here’s how she’ll inspire new generations of minority mathematicians.

From Savannah to fearless

Dr. Mulatu Lemma—an award-winning mathematics pioneer—has a never-fear philosophy that he shares with his students every day. See how he inspires his students to rise to the challenge before them.

From Savannah to congress

Savannah State alumna and assistant professor of history Dr. Felicia Bell ’98 honors the past by connecting it to the lives—and hearts—of her students.

From Savannah to Wall Street

Ariel Shead ’15 has yet to meet a problem she couldn’t outsmart. Her dream is to make a big name in big business. Her journey began at Savannah State University.

From Savannah to NASA

Dr. Karla-Sue Marriott and her students aren’t shooting sky high; they’re going for out of this world. Check out their latest research project—it's orbiting, as we speak, on the International Space Station.

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