From Savannah to the superior courts


From Savannah to the superior courts

Take chances. Join the band. Start a club. Raise your hand in class. That’s how Dr. William Simmons ’98 approached his years at Savannah State: with an adventurous spirit and rocket-like energy that propelled him into experiences he never thought possible.

The moment Simmons stepped out of Beaufort, SC, and into Savannah, he knew he was home—that this was where he’d leave his mark. He found inspiration in the student government president, who’d been the first person the freshman political science major met.

“I wanted to be a leader like him. He was so nice and well dressed. He had an impact on me.”

Then he met Dr. Joyce McLemore: “She told me I was going to be something some day and if I just stayed focused, I’d do very well. I still hang on to those words from her.” He fulfilled his promise to himself—to be a leader—many times over.

“Just go for it. People might tell you that you can’t do anything—but you can. Go to Savannah State and it totally changes everything. It did for me.” – Dr. William Simmons ’98

Simmons became the president of the Student Government Association himself after serving as the organization’s student chief justice. He committed all four of his years to marching band and earned the head drum major position. He pledged Alpha Phi Alpha and even co-founded Savannah State’s law fraternity.

Now, as District Court Administrator for the 6th Judicial District, Dr. Simmons is finding that keeping—and exceeding—that promise continues to serve him well. At Savannah State, he learned to interact with different people, different places, and different cultures. He learned patience, humility, and the importance of community service.

Dr. William Simmons is the first African American to serve as president of the Georgia Council of Court Administrators.

“Savannah State influenced me to serve my community, state, country, and world. We all have a duty to make this world a better place and I’m grateful to SSU for opening my eyes to that.” Seriously Impressive.

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