From Savannah to medalist


From Savannah to medalist

Let your pride fuel you. Just like her mom, Tiyana Braxton ’19 has a natural knack for numbers. Math. Budgeting. Finances. It all gets her brain buzzing. That’s why, when she was declaring her major, she wanted to finish what her mom didn’t: Earn a B.B.A. in accounting at SSU’s College of Business Administration.

“I want to make my mom proud. If she didn’t get to finish her degree, then it might make her happy that I could.”

Since then, Tiyana’s turned her talent for money management into an A-plus academic career. In fact, every year she’s attended Savannah State, Tiyana has received a medal at the University’s Honors Convocation, a celebration of student and faculty academic achievements. At the event, SSU hands out gold, silver, and bronze medals to awardees with 4.0, 3.5-3.99, and 3.0-3.49 GPAs (respectively). Tiyana just earned another bronze. And a medal for, well, already earning so many medals.

Another way SSU recognizes stellar scholars? The Honors Program. Current academic superstars – and incoming freshmen with GPAs of 3.4 or higher (and high SAT or ACT scores) – get impressive Honors-only perks. Including priority registration; challenging, one-of-a-kind courses like ethics and global issues; and specially designated housing options in Camilla Hubert Hall, University Village, and University Commons.

Savannah State also hosts an annual research conference, where undergraduate and graduate students (plus their mentors) show off their Savannah smarts. In 2016, a whopping 169 participants presented projects on topics ranging from Savannah’s port expansion to helping parents find Autism treatment to saving stranded bottlenose dolphins.

Opportunities like those make it possible for students like Tiyana to push harder, go further, and think bigger. Inspiring them to make bold business moves as managers, analysts, and VPs for companies like Ford, Coca-Cola, and Bank of America.

“Being at Savannah State, I’m proud that I’ve achieved so much already. That keeps me going. Because when you accomplish something, you want to accomplish even more.” Seriously Impressive

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