From Savannah to the big screen


From Savannah to the big screen

Dream big. And never let anything stand in your way. LaTasha Wright wants to be a video journalist. It’s been her dream since high school.

At Savannah State University, she immersed herself in video storytelling and television production through the department of Journalism and Mass Communications. And she interned with an Emmy-winning producer as a videographer on a full-length documentary.

It wasn’t always easy. LaTasha started her degree at another institution and then put her education on hold to be a full-time mom. And while it was hard to go back to school full time while balancing children and work, she knew she had to do it. For herself. For her family. And for her dream. She credits Savannah State professor Wanda Lloyd and WSSU Tiger’s Roar TV Program Director William Martin with helping her stay focused. “It’s a family here,” she says.

"I couldn’t have gotten this far without my professors. They were all so helpful, so wonderful. They wouldn’t let me give up for even a second. That’s a Savannah State professor for you." – LaTasha Wright

Her final big project: a mini-documentary on gun violence.

“I interviewed mothers who lost their kids because of gun violence,” says LaTasha. A mother herself, the project has been especially poignant for her. It’s been a life-changing and eye-opening experience. “Film has the real power to change minds, open hearts, and make a difference.” Seriously Impressive.

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