SSU’s Dr. Kisha Cunningham is a trained dancer and shares her passion for modern and African dance with Savannah State students.


From Savannah to the heart of a robot

Innovation demands creativity. And that’s something that Dr. Kisha Cunningham is determined to teach all of her future teachers.

Dancer. Artist. Engineering technology educator. Robot enthusiast. As part of Savannah State’s School of Teacher Education (SOTE), Dr. Cunningham demonstrates in the classroom and the STEM lab that everything—especially science and art—is connected. Lesson number one: technology doesn’t exist without creativity.

“You can’t transform a water bottle into a rocket without being creative,” points out Dr. Cunningham.

That’s why, as she puts it, she brings a lot of the “other” into her classroom. Dance. Music. Art. Hands-on experiences that challenge her students to think in different ways, draw new conclusions, and make untraditional connections. They have to become bigger, broader thinkers.

Dr. Kisha Cunningham

Dr. Cunningham and the rest of the School of Teacher Education at SSU are growing tomorrow’s STEM teachers. That’s a big task. There’s a real shortage of STEM teachers—not just in Georgia, but also across the country.

“Our engineering and technology students will be the teachers in tomorrow’s classrooms. They’ll be the ones getting kids excited about and interested in science, technology, engineering, and math.”

It’s our job to get kids hooked on technology.
– Dr. Kisha Cunningham

Her students are creating math and science apps to help students conquer those skills. They’re also launching robotics clubs at schools. Savannah State students work one-on-one with local kids who might just become tomorrow’s robotics technicians and engineers.

On campus, she’s building a synergistic teaching and learning STEM lab designed to prepare future teachers for the world of education and technology integration. There will be robots in every corner and spaces for communication, aerospace, manufacturing, and math technologies to come together with science, physics, and chemistry. It’s a work in progress, but it’s the future for Savannah State University. Seriously Impressive.

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