From Savannah to national champs


From Savannah to national champs

There’s nothing you can’t do. Savannah State’s Tiger cheerleaders are history makers. As the country’s first Black squad to win the CHEERSPORT National Championship, they’re solid proof of the power of a beat-the-odds spirit. Coach Tim Grant knew that his team had it in them all along.

“With every practice, I want my cheerleaders to come away with the mindset, the attitude, that they can accomplish anything. No matter where they come from, their experience, or what anyone feels or says to them, they can accomplish anything if they put the work in.”

“I tell my squad, ‘We have the same drive, heart, and determination as the big schools. So you can accomplish anything they can.’” – Coach Tim Grant

What did it take to get to the national stage? Practice, practice, practice. And loads of perseverance. Because, on top of rigorous rehearsals, these athletes take 18 credits as history, forensic science, behavior analysis, performing arts, and business majors. Work part-time jobs. And join other SSU clubs and organizations. Some even help support their families.

Says Coach Grant, “What these students do is so difficult. They have all this responsibility resting on their shoulders, but they keep believing in themselves.”

Even when injuries and obstacles sank morale just two days before competition, the squad never stopped working and pushing and fighting. Instead, when they performed in Atlanta, they left it all – their worries, their fears, their doubts – off the floor. Stunting, tumbling, jumping, tossing, and dancing their way into the title.

Savannah’s cheer squad has no height or weight requirements. So you can prove yourself no matter what.

Months later, Coach Grant is still getting calls and emails from kids in California, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, New Jersey, and New York. Inspired by the historic win, they all want to cheer for Savannah State. But despite the confidence boost, this is by no means the finish line. Coach Grant has his eyes on a bigger prize: Take home the NCA College National title with his Tigers. To get there will take even more work, dedication, and time. And the whole squad is ready for it. Seriously Impressive

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