From Savannah to globe trotter


From Savannah to globe trotter

Don’t sit still. In fact, wander far and often. Meet people and make friends, despite borders and language barriers. Jump out of your comfort (and time) zone. Be like Jared Kolleh ’16, a marketing graduate of the College of Business Administration (COBA). To him, the world is one great big ball of potential.

Jared, a native of Liberia, traveled to Washington D.C., Belgium, South Korea, France, and Rome with Savannah State’s Model UN and Model African Union teams. He met dignitaries from all over the world. And he went to China for an intense, two-week culture dive. “SSU opened the door for me to explore. It helped me understand that everyone is the same. The barriers we have can always be broken down.”

COBA’s global logistics and international business (G-LIB) major sends students to the U.K., China, and India for a real-life look at managing global companies and supply chains.

For Jared, travelling isn’t about taking a vacation. It’s about getting exposure to, and navigating, cultures. The more places he goes, the more Jared learns. That’s experience he brings to future internships and jobs. Global awareness leads to opportunity.

That thinking propels COBA’s Global Logistics and International Business Education Research (G-LIBER) Center of Excellence. Its goal: Get students looking at business on a global scale. Teach them to manage teams with members from across the world. Maintain relationships with international partners. And set up efficient transportation networks. G-LIB majors can even get real global experience through classes and internships in the U.K., China, and India. Bottom line, COBA students will know how to run a world-wide business.

As for Jared, he has no plans to sit still. Savannah State’s given him a serious case of wanderlust. “I had the chance to go out and learn in the world, thanks to SSU. The impact of the experience and exposure has made me who I am today.” Seriously Impressive

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