From Savannah to behind the scenes


From Savannah to behind the scenes

It takes lots of hard work to make things look easy. Just ask Cattany Brown ’16. To make her media projects look effortless takes a whole lot of elbow grease. Even when she completes a project, there’s still more to edit, to refine, to make better. But, thanks to Savannah State, the experiences she's had made the work worth it.

You might see Cattany shooting student government campaigns on campus or making music videos around Savannah. She’s photographed the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington D.C. Directed a mini-documentary on the perspectives of the LGBT community. And written and edited news stories for Savannah’s local ABC affiliate. SSU was the start of it all.

Cattany, a mass communications major with a concentration in audio/video production, wants to use media to be the voice of change for people—to shift narratives and viewpoints. To do that means becoming a better professional and getting door-opening opportunities—with help from SSU and career development events like the Southern Regional Press Institute (SRPI).

For 65 years, the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications (JMC) has hosted SRPI. At the two-day conference, college and high school students work side-by-side with industry pros to build apps, anchor news desks, write scripts, edit videos, and strengthen résumés. Students learn first hand from experts so they can go on to become the next great directors, producers, screenwriters, broadcasters, designers, and social media gurus.

Or, in Cattany’s case, a future director/entertainment manager/production company owner. It’ll take a lot of work to get there (it always does), but she’s used to it. For Cattany, it’s all about keeping her eye on the prize.

“I’ve done nothing but grow and change since coming to SSU—personally, mentally, professionally, socially. This is where I’ve found my calling.” Seriously Impressive

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